Weed for Weight Loss? | Why Cannabis Strains Is Great For Your Waist!

Weed for Weight-loss? Why Cannabis Strains is Great For Your Waist!

by Erik Muenker D.C. |  Exclusive CBDbusinessBlog.com

Marijuana has long been known to bring on the munchies, so you may be surprised to learn that certain marijuana strains can actually reduce your appetite and help balance your blood sugar levels.

Rates of obesity and diabetes are at epidemic proportions
  • A new diagnosis of diabetes is made EVERY 30 SECONDS!
  • Diabetes can cut 8 1/2 years off your life span.*
  • Per a study by the National Academy on an Aging Society

Yes, it’s true – pot can give you the munchies and root you to the couch. But that’s not all marijuana strains and its definitely not the whole story to how pot can effect you. As it turns out, marijuana is a far more complicated and nuanced plant and its phytochemistry is every bit as intricate and complex.

Willie Nelson WeedDid you know that certain marijuana strains will actually suppress your appetiteenergize your mind and body, and even boost your thinking and creativity? Ever wonder what kind of marijuana an artist like Willie Nelson might smoke when he’s looking for creativity and inspiration? Well read on and find out. You’ll be amazed as to the many benefits cannabis can make to your waistline, your health and your mind!

Still think cannabis will make you fat?

Let’s look to science and see what the clinical research tell us. In published study, after study (e.g. Am J Drug Alcohol & Abuse & American J of Epidemiology) cannabis is associated with a lowered incidence of obesity, a leaner body mass index (BMI) and healthier blood sugar levels. That last one, healthy blood sugar levels, is super important because over 29 million people in the US alone have diabetes! That’s 1 in 9 of every man, women and child in the United States.


Fortunately, cannabis use is associated with a lowered risk of Diabetes Mellitus (DM), and may even prove effective in its treatment. GW Pharmaceuticals is now investigating a cannabis based drug to replace insulin injections for diabetic patients. It’s a combination of two key cannabinoids, CBD (read CBD 101) and THCV. THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is a chemical cousin of THC – the principle psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Like THC, THCV is psychoactive.

THCV tends to produce an energizing, immediate and more clear-headed high than THC alone.

However THCV is found in far lower concentrations than THC, only in select cannabis strains, and may (among other things) actually improve  the high produced by THC. Cannabinoids may even influence how and when we store fat!

Facts Cannabis and Weight Loss

In addition, cannabis has been found to help protect your body and mind – as an established anti-oxidantanti-inflammatory and neuro-protective phytochemical.

Learn more – Cannabidiol: Good for You and Your Brain?

More to Cannabis than Meets the Eye | Try Your Nose!

Next time you are about to try some cannabis, take a good long sniff first. Cannabis doesn’t just rely on the cannabinoid THCV to suppress your appetite. Select cannabis strains (see below) also have higher concentrations of humulene – an aromatic terpene that packs a potent appetite suppressing punch. And I don’t mean that the pot smells so bad you loose your appetite. Quite the contrary, highly aromatic marijuana is usually very pleasing to smell, once it is cured and ready for sale.

Humulene plus THCV, coupled with the entourage effects from other cannabinoids and terpenes, can create a powerful appetite suppressing botanical brew.

Humulene is easy to sniff out too. Cannabis with high amounts of the terpene humulene tends to have the woody, earthy and spicy aroma of hops.

There are also additional terpenes that are associated with higher-THCV strains. These are terpinolene (smokey, woody aroma), pinene (fragrance of pine needles), and limonene (lemon citrus heaven).Absent a phytochemical profile, use your nose and sniff out marijuana with the pungent aromas of earth, wood and hops for cannabis high in THCV.

Cannabis On The Go | My Go To Buds

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got things to do and being hungry and tired are usually not on the agenda. With the right strain of cannabis, I can supercharge my creativityenergize my body and mind and maybe stretch out that meager tuna sandwich I had at lunch till dinner.

Durban Poison to the rescue! Durban Poison (available in PDX at Nectar and fine dispensaries everywhere) is a Sativa strain of cannabis that has been my Go To Bud for energy and appetite suppression – for years now. Durban Poison keeps me clear-headed and motivated to get things done. From writing, to getting in a quick workout, Durban Poison never fails to satisfy. Also available at Puddleton Organics.

More Strains To Control Your Appetite

Although you need a detailed phytochemical profile to know if your bud has significant concentrations of THCV or humulene in it, you can start by narrowing your picks to the strains known to possess higher levels of THCV.

Willie Nelson – “Why You Should Buy My Weed” – Willie’s Reserve

A new personal favorite of mine, Willie Nelson by Willie’s Reserve, is absolutely superb craft cannabis at its best. It is a 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup winner for best Sativa. It rivals Durban Poison in its enviable ability to elevate and enhance one’s creativity. With a slightly euphoric edge, Willie Nelson signature cannabis keeps your mind clear so you can listen to your heart and focus on your craft.

It is only now rolling out at Rocky Road in Colorado Springs, La Mota in PDX, and in select dispensaries throughout Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

4 more Cannabis Strains High in THCV and Humulene

Doug’s Varin – Bred in part for its high THCV concentration and appetite suppressing effects, Doug’s Varin is also known to alleviate stress, and reduce your hunger – while keeping you clear-headed and energized.

Jack the Ripper – With the strong and pungent aroma of spice and citrus, Jack the Ripper is a Sativa dominant hybrid with an often intense and hard edged effect. Not for the beginner or faint of heart, JTR is a popular lemon haze. Available at Portland Best Buds, Kaleafa and other fine dispensaries.

Blue Dream – Another long time favorite of mine, Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a well regarded reputation. Blue Dream has the sweet fragrance of berry and perfect for daytime consumption. Widely available, you can find Blue Dream at Club Sky High in Portland, as well as CannaDaddy’s and Green Oasis Jantzen Beach, Native Roots in Frisco (Colorado) and dispensaries everywhere.

XJ-13 – With a pungent aroma of pine and citrus, as XJ-13s roots of Jack Herer and G13 Haze are hard to conceal. Often providing a euphoric high, XJ-13 is an energizing sativa with stimulating effect on your creativity and social graces. Available at the Herbery, Five Zero Trees, Organic (Colorado) and fine dispensaries everywhere.

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