Vermont Set To Expand Medical Marijuana According To Medical Marijuana law

Vermont Lawmakers Approve Expansion of Medical Marijuana.

The Associated Press reports that Vermont lawmakers are expanding access to medical marijuana in the state. Legislators have approved a bill that would add additional ailments to the list of qualifying conditions AND triple the number of dispensaries in the state.

Vermont currently has four state approved medical marijuana dispensaries. The bill, when it becomes law, will expand that number to a maximum of eight dispensaries. Each of the four dispensary owners will be allowed to open two more locations.

The bill will also add Crohn’s diseasePTSD and Parkinson’s disease, to the list of ailments eligible for medical marijuana in the state.

According to Vermont’s existing medical marijuana law, the following debilitating conditions qualify for marijuana:

  • Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Glaucoma
  • and chronic, debilitating diseases that produce severe:
    weight losspainnausea and/or seizures characteristic of epilepsy.

More information on Vermonts’ medical marijuana law can be found at the state web site.

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