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Marijuana Prohibition News: Feds Locked Up 3,500 for Weed | Cost: $28 Billion

3,500 Sentenced to Marijuana Related Offenses in 2016 According to report release by the U.S. Sentencing Commission, over 3,500 people were sentenced to marijuana related federal offenses in 2016 – more than either Crack Cocaine (1,582) or Heroin (2,830). View the entire  breakdown here. The good news is that these numbers have dropped in half since 2012, … Continue reading

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Weed for Weight Loss? | Why Cannabis Strains Is Great For Your Waist!

Weed for Weight-loss? Why Cannabis Strains is Great For Your Waist! by Erik Muenker D.C. |  Exclusive CBDbusinessBlog.com Marijuana has long been known to bring on the munchies, so you may be surprised to learn that certain marijuana strains can actually reduce your appetite and help balance your … Continue reading

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Is Your Marijuana Buying History Safe from the Feds?

Federal Marijuana Crackdown Coming? Is a federal crackdown on marijuana coming in 2017? After all, the Feds locked up over 3,500 people for marijuana related drug offenses, in 2016 alone. No one knows for sure what the new administration will do. Should you be … Continue reading

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Cannabis industry to expand to $50 billion by 2026 Bloomberg

The legal cannabis industry in the U.S. may grow to $50 billion in the next decade, expanding to more than eight times its current size, as lawful pot purveyors gain new customers and win over users from the illicit market, … Continue reading

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