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Amazing High CBD Cannabis in Colorado | CBD OIL + Edibles

Amazing High CBD Marijuana in Colorado | CBD OIL + Edibles Colorado High CBD Cannabis Flower | CBD Oil | Concentrates by Erik Muenker DC  |  CBDbusinessBlog.com Colorado: Home to High CBD Cannabis & Hemp Welcome to the CBD Business Blog guide to cannabidiol (CBD) … Continue reading

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Cannabidiol | CBD 101 – High-CBD Cannabis and You

Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica flowers and extracts have been used medicinally by people around the world for thousands of years! The Cannabis plant’s flowers (and to a lesser degree the stems and seeds) contain a cornucopia of naturally occurring and pharmacologically active compounds. Of key medical and recreational interest … Continue reading

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CBD-BB Product Review: Liberty High-CBD Lotion and Lip Balm

I recently had the opportunity to try out a great new high-CBD topical cream called Liberty CBD Lotion. It reportedly achieves transdermal absorption deep into dermal layers through a proprietary formula that ensures maximum CBD bio-availability. I found Liberty Lotion to be a very quality high-CBD lotion. I … Continue reading

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