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Cannabidiol | CBD 101 – High-CBD Cannabis and You

Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica flowers and extracts have been used medicinally by people around the world for thousands of years! The Cannabis plant’s flowers (and to a lesser degree the stems and seeds) contain a cornucopia of naturally occurring and pharmacologically active compounds. Of key medical and recreational interest … Continue reading

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3 Facts About Cannabidiol (CBD) and Marijuana – You Didn’t Know

Cannabidiol (CBD)Facts You Didn’t Know by Erik Muenker DC Cannabidiol (CBD) for short, is one of the principle pharmacological agents in cannabis (marijuana). THC is another. THC, CBD and all other cannabinoids are considered Schedule I drugs (US Controlled Substances … Continue reading

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Cannabidiol in Marijuana transdermal CBD Found Effective For Arthritis

In a recent study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, European Journal of Pain, researchers studied CBD (cannabidiol) – one of the main ingredients found in marijuana. They found CBD to be effective in reducing arthritic inflammation and arthritic pain in laboratory rats, … Continue reading

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