Sniff Out Great Marijuana Weed | Tap Into Your Marijuana Superpowers

Sniff Out Great Marijuana | Tap Into Your Marijuana weed Superpowers

by Erik Muenker D.C. |  Exclusive

Complex and rich, the odor of marijuana is as varied as are its effects. In fact, there appears to be a strong correlation between how a strain smells and how it will effect you. So sit back, grab a gram of your favorite bud – and give it a good long sniff. Now don’t puff just yet, just take another long sniff. You’re about to engage your marijuana weed superpowers to divine the very best cannabis flower; flower with a rich array of potent cannabinoids, medically relevant and empowering terpenes and an inviting palette of flavonoids to match your needs, mood and desires.

That strong, pungent odor of pinelemon or hops you smell in your weed, just might be a more reliable indicator of its potency and of how it will make you feel – than the name of the strain.

It is the plants phytochemistry – its particular phenome, that will ultimately determine the quality (and potency) of the high and its therapeutic effectiveness.


So what does give marijuana its strong odor? The odor comes from tiny organic aromatic molecules that are secreted by the female plants flower. These molecules are called terpenes and are produced within the flowers glandular trichomes – generally as part of an arsenal of defensive measures to deter insects, bacteria, mold and disease from injuring the plant.

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In humans, terpenes are being investigated for their role within the entourage effect – the synergistic effect between cannabinoid and terpenoid (and possibly flavonoid) that significantly enhances the therapeutic effectiveness and overall experience of cannabis.

In fact, terpenes are likely what helps to provide each strain of cannabis with its signature effect. Study after study has demonstrated that the name of the strain is actually a poor indicator of its chemical composition (see – Cannabinoids and Terpenes as Chemotaxic Markers in Cannabis – Elzinga, Fischedick, Podkolinski, Raber 2015).

Since every strain is a product of its genetics (set by the genetics of the strain) AND a product of its environment (growing conditions, fertilizers, processing, etc.), a strain’s name may not be enough information to go on. The name of the strain tells you little about how the plant was fed, grown, harvested or processed. Without knowing these environmental variables (and many more), it’s nearly impossible to predict how the plants genetics will ultimately be expressed.

True cannabis aficionados, like wine connaseurs, know that the name on the bottle (or strain on the bag) only begins to tell the story.


smelling cannabis terpenes
Just Sniff It

Little did you know that you are already supplied with a built in cannabis divining superpower – its your nose. Your nose can give you the marijuana weed superpowers to sniff out the good weed from the bad. Want some marijuana that will lift you up in the morning, keep you clear-headed and inspire your creativity? Try sniffing out cannabis that smells strong of pine needlescloves and packs the sweet smell of citrus.


Looking to quell intense pain, migraines or stress? Reach for a relaxing Kush that smells strong of pine (pinene), hops (humulene) and the woody smell of cloves (caryophyllene).

Experiencing chronic joint pain that keeps you up at night? The smell of mango, musk and clove will likely point to a strain high in myrcene – a powerful terpenoid that is associated with a powerfully sedating and relaxed body high.

Be advised. There are numerous terpenes in cannabis and many smell alike. It takes time to discern. Use the following as a guide to get you and your nose started. Always remember to square the smell with the actual lab results detailing the phytocannabinoid and terpene profile. The three taken together will tell you enough to find the best weed for your individual need.


Limonene – Great to reduce depression, anxiety and even a sour stomach.

Elevates your mood, relieves your stress, and eases your heartburn. 

Commonly found in the following strains:

  • Lemon Alien Dawg (HiFi Farms – Portland)
  • OG Kush (Nectar Cannabis – Portland)


Pinene – Strong bronchodilator (asthma) and anti-inflammatory.

Perfect for asthma sufferers and anyone looking to really open up their lungs. Promotes alertness and memory, reducing the fog associated with high-THC strains.

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