How Women Grow is cultivating Jazmin Hupp cannabis leaders in North America | Yourstory

Women Grow is the largest network for professionals in the legal marijuana industry in North America. It takes advantage of the still largely unexplored sector to encourage women success stories and create a narrative around large women participation in the industry.

Founder Jazmin Hupp explains the idea came after observing that existing initiatives to promote a larger participation of women in marijuana industry entrepreneurship had a limited impact. In fact, she used to work for Women 2.0, which encourages women to become technology venture-backed founders of large-scale companies.

She explains, “The story of a higher percentage of success among male entrepreneurs in North America has already been written and investors generally stick to that. Women still get only 6-7 percent of the venture capital funding in the Silicon Valley.” Jazmin Hupp  The cannabis industry is one of those areas of business marijuana industry that is not ‘new’ in the literary sense of the term, but it is experiencing a period of transition between absolute stigmatisation and tolerated legal use.

This is happening in some part of the Americas, and especially in the northern half of the continent. In the US, some states allow the consumption of marijuana mainly for medical purposes, but the federal law prohibits it; whereas in Canada, where medical marijuana is already legal, the Prime Minister promised to legalise the substance for personal consumption.

The coexistence of contrasting laws and opinions, which both allow and criminalise cannabis, makes Jazmin Hupp  marijuana industry working in this sector very controversial. However, the market in the US alone is as large as $5 billion (counting the illegal one is $50 billion) and, being a greatly unexplored industry, it is a very promising area to rewrite the rules of entrepreneurship.We’ve been looking at the cannabis industry where there isn’t a lot of investment and there isn’t any loan because banking’s not allowed yet. We want to take advantage of that and tell a very different story about who was successful before big investments came in.

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