Leafedout: Different Leafedout Features Every Cannabis Enthusiasts May Use

A lot of people nowadays enjoydifferent Leafedout features. Leafedout’s founder, Oho Herer, put a lot of his resources and dedication to create the app that can provide the service which aims to solve the market inefficiency in the cannabis business social network.

The app enablescannabis enthusiasts to have a community where they can connect and meet. For Herer, the company is a service and not just a mere business.

Leafedout promotes marijuana activism. Its primary goals are to provide optimism and value to the marijuana community. Herer is capable of fulfilling this goal when he created the Leafedout app which provides the cannabis community with anonymous and free ways to communicate and find each other.

Using this app, anyone can find marijuana products, services, jobs, and manpower. The app brags about its amazing features. They are confident to say that the servicesthey offer are free, anonymous, real-time, and safe. Moreover, the app is accessible to almost any device.

There are other social platforms one may usefor cannabis transaction. What Leafedout is proud of is that they consider themselves to be focused not just on the business-to-business transactions but also on every user as an individual.

Sites like Weedmaps and Leafy are the most comparable app or sites for finding cannabis products. However, these apps lackthe features you can only find on Leafedout. In fact, the app considered itself to be the first peer-to-peer site for networking.

Also, they are proud to say that through the creation of this app, they eliminate the need of having a middle person which raises the prices of products and services.

One does not have to worry about paying for registration because it is free. The user will be anonymous and is not required to provide his personal information.

Any user can use some of the basic features without the need to sign up. Without signing up, the user can see the profiles ofdifferent users and stores or other cannabis enthusiasts near his or her location.

However, if one wants to use the messaging feature, he or she must register first. Registration is free and anonymous which is why there is nothing to worry about.

For this reason, a lot of people have been using the Leafedout app. They provide the vendors with Vendors of the Week feature and premium account. Vendors with the premium account may customize his profile by adding photos and selecting favorites.

Aside from the vendors, buyers, entrepreneurs, and workers, Leafedout has opened its door to possible partnerships with business brands. Now, their partners can promote their product through the different features that Leafedout offers.

Advertisers may take advantages of the following:

  • Sponsor of the week
  • Target advertising
  • Advertising banner
  • Leafedout news
  • Social media amplification

Because of these Leafedout features, a lot of users use them to make their transactions and to find and meet other enthusiasts. Also, the advertisers may promote their products to the marijuana community.






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