Cannabis Weekly CBD News Picks: July 28th, 2016

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Cannabis news articles from the week, handpicked by the CBD Business Blog Editor, to keep you informed on cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) industry news that is important to you.

CBD News Pick – CBD Incorporated, Another Aggressive Attempt to Capitalize on Cannabis?

We continue to caution investors in the cannabis industry that too many bad actors trying to raise millions of dollars are running rampant.  Last week, we examined Cultivation Technologies Inc., which is trying to raise $20mm from investors with very bold financial projections and a significant omission about its CEO’s past.


CBD News Pick – Do you live in a pot hot spot?

San Francisco is the cannabis capital of America, new data shows.

In fact, the entire West Coast has far more pot smokers than the rest of the country, and a more positive opinion of what the drug does to your body.

Once you reach 12, you are far more likely to light up a joint in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington than anywhere else in the United States.


CBD News Pick – Cannabis Takes Center Stage at DNC?

Cannabis has had a big presence so far at the 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia. From protests to rallies to pot celebrations and even a little actual puffing, pot smoking voters are making their voices heard.

The convention comes on the heels of the Democratic National Committee’s National Platform meeting, which took place earlier this month in Orlando. This was the meeting where Democratic leaders and delegates defined the party’s official platform.

CBD News Pick – Willie Nelson’s Reserve – Aug Debut in CO!

Come August, Willie Nelson’s premium cannabis brand – Willie’s Reserve – will be available in select Colorado stores. The outlaw country singer is celebrating the occasion with a concert this weekend in The Centennial State.

The cannabis brand’s website proclaims, “Willie’s Reserve pays tribute to a tradition of sharing, caring and toking. It’s as if the Red Headed Stranger has offered an invitation aboard the Honeysuckle Rose to sample the choicest selections of his stash.”

CBD News Pick – Denver Consulting Group – $100 Compliance Audits!

DCG, the nation’s leading cannabis industry consultancy, announced that the company will offer low cost $100 compliance audits for cannabis dispensaries, marijuana grow operations, and processors. These professional audits provide valuable information and give insight into where businesses may be out of compliance with state and local regulations. The failure to remain compliant can result in regulator-imposed fines, temporary or permanent shutdown, and license revocation.

CBD News Pick – NW Cannabis packager 500% expansion!

Kush Bottles Inc. (Santa Ana, CA), a supplier of packaging, accessories and branding solutions for the legal cannabis industry, has opened its doors to a new regional sales and distribution center in the Seattle area of Washington. This new facility in Woodinville, WA, increases Kush Bottles’ footprint in the Pacific Northwest by more than 500%. The building contains over 13,000 square feet of warehouse and office space, which enables the company to house a large inventory for immediate deliveries or pick-ups throughout Washington and Oregon

CBD News Pick – Average Age of Legal Cannabis Customer

A recent study released by Headset Inc. gives insight into the gender, ages and spending habits of adults in Washington State since recreational cannabis was legalized. Headset Inc. reviewed an estimated 40,000 purchases of recreational cannabis between September 2014 and July 2016.

The findings determined that the average recreational cannabis consumer is male, around 37 years old, and prefers cannabis flower over all other cannabis derivatives. This average user also spends about $647 each year on cannabis. However, more insight into these findings show that women and men of all ages are active participants in the Washington’s legal cannabis market. Click for more →

CBD News Pick – Oregon Fair to be First to Feature Plants!

You might remember your last trip to the state fair — the fried foods, the sketchy carnival rides, the monster pumpkins on display. At this year’s Oregon State Fair, there will be a new attraction: Oregon-grown cannabis.

For the first time ever, prime examples of the Beaver State’s cannabis crop will be on display at the annual festival, which is scheduled to run in Salem from Aug. 26 through Sept. 5. More than 60 growers will be showcasing their live cannabis plants, which will be judged by Ed Rosenthal, the growing guru and former High Times columnist, along with four local growers.
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