CBD News Picks: Today’s Trending Cannabis News

Nine Cannabis news articles, picked by CBD Business Blog, to keep you informed

.CBD News Pick – Judge to hear arguments on marijuana vote in August: At a hearing Tuesday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Jo Lynn Gentry gave backers of the initiative two weeks to respond to charges by foes that the wording of the measure is legally flawed and cannot be placed on the November ballot. – URL: http://goo.gl/ZpA770

CBD News Pick – Lakewood City Council OKs moratorium on medical marijuana businesses before August recess: LAKEWOOD, Ohio – City Council, in one of its final actions before adjourning for an August recess, passed a moratorium of as long as six months on the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana in the city. Law Director Kevin Butler recommended the moratorium since the state legislature and Gov. URL: http://goo.gl/BXeup7

CBD News Pick – State calls on top doctors for input on medical marijuana program: HARRISBURG, PA. — Medical marijuana moved one step forward in Pennsylvania , as the state figures out how to administer the drug to patients in need. – URL: http://goo.gl/KpJUd6

CBD News Pick – Marijuana Task Force Portal Receives 20,000 Submissions in Under a Month: Thousands of Canadians are submitting their thoughts to the government on how marijuana reform should look when it is unveiled in the spring of 2017. – URL: http://goo.gl/sbkYzs

CBD News Pick – U.S. Senate has Introduced a CBD Only Bill: One thing I’ve learned ever since I started writing for The Marijuana Times is that our government seems to adore baby steps – and is afraid to do anything more, or so it would appear. – URL: https://goo.gl/j1M77Y

CBD News Pick – 5 Women Rocking the Cannabis Industry: To foster growth and inclusion in the cannabis industry, MERRY JANE teamed up with Wonder Women Tech to present a panel featuring five women pioneering careers in the legal cannabis space. The conversation, moderated by News Editor Sasha Horne, was held as part of the Wonder Women Tech Conference. – URL: https://goo.gl/m3ylHz

CBD News Pick – Trump Surprised by GOP Platform’s Marijuana Opposition: As Marijuana.com reported this week, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump disagrees with running mate Mike Pence when it comes to the medical value of cannabis and the question of whether the federal government should respect state marijuana laws. – URL: http://goo.gl/nElxUA

CBD News Pick – Smoker Finds Insecticide in Organic Marijuana: PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) — Reports that a chemical insecticide was found in legal, organically grown marijuana in Oregon have led to a class action lawsuit — not against growers, but against the insecticide maker. URL: http://goo.gl/5OVdJm

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