Cannabis Social Business Network Leafedout Continues It’s Market Dominance In Cannabis Products is a free app that allows you to find the nearest vendor of cannabis products in your community. The app is built to create a network of the most trusted suppliers of weed in your area. They handle searches based on your location through the GPS of your smartphone. The app will list and share with the most reputed sellers ranked by profile and number of reviews. You can use this information as a reference to try the product offered by any given producer and share your own opinion about it. The app provides limited advertising, and most of it is centered on cannabis products.

As a user, you will enjoy absolute privacy since your information won’t be revealed to anyone else on the platform. The only people able to publish their personal data are the certified vendors offering products in your city. The app will also allow you to engage your preferred seller and communicate with them using a private messenger service. If you are wondering if the app will let you find the nearest vendor in the states where the federal government has not sanctioned the use of recreational marijuana, we have some bad news for you: the app will only work properly on the states where the law allows weed producers to set shop. does not promote illegal activities. Their only goal is to connect people.

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