Cannabidiol in Marijuana transdermal CBD Found Effective For Arthritis

In a recent study published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, European Journal of Pain, researchers studied CBD (cannabidiol) – one of the main ingredients found in marijuana. They found CBD to be effective in reducing arthritic inflammation and arthritic pain in laboratory rats, when applied transdermally – through a CBD gel applied to the skin.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the two main ingredients found in recreational and medical cannabis business social network. It’s also the main cannabinoid found in hemp. It is not considered to be psycho-active, so it does not impair one’s thinking or get you high. CBD is not considered to be addictive and has few known side-effects.

One little known fact about CBD is that it is not readily absorbed by the body. Due to a process known as the hepatic first pass effect, the vast majority (~90%+) of any CBD that makes it to your transdermal CBD gastrointestinal tract is quickly broken down into metabolites, processed and never actually reaches your blood stream.

“Over 90% of any CBD that you digest in your GI tract has NO EFFECT on your body, because it is completely broken down by your liver during digestion.”
-Erik Muenker DC

Without reaching your blood stream, CBD can’t do you or your arthritis any good.

Cannabidiol in Marijuana Found Effective For Arthritis

Transdermal Pens and Patches to the Rescue!

One of the great new ways to medicate (or recreate) with cannabis is through a gel or ointment concentrate of CBD (or CBD:THC) applied directly to your skin.

Just apply a medicated CBD patch or rub a small amount of CBD transdermal ointment into your wrist, back of your hands or knees and the CBD will be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream, bypassing the liver.

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